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Updated on: Friday 02/24/2012, 3AM

Anam Cara Therapy Center

2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Way , Berkeley , CA, 94703 | Map

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Description: Frustrated by your relationships? Frustrated by your lack of relationships? Want to show up more confidently in your intimate connections? Want a space to explore all of this with other queer women?

Come meet us, learn about the upcoming 4 week group series, and meet other wonderful women!


Who: for queer women who partner with people of all genders and who are interested in exploring alternative relationships. Whoever you like, however you like them, however many of them you have that you like, you are welcome to join us for this series! (gay, bi, trans, genderqueer, monogamous, open, single or in a relationship, etc...)

What/How: Dynamic and participatory group sessions to deepen your capacity and skills in developing and maintaining functional and feel-good intimate relationships. Through coaching, dialogue, activities, one-on-one and group support, you will gain access to both personal transformation and practical tools for blasting forth the kind of relationships you’ve always wanted.

Topics covered include:

getting real in relationships
being open for connection
self love and care
communication skills
queer identity and sexuality
trust, honesty and intimacy
stepping outside of the traditional relationship paradigm
healing old hurts and letting go!
fun and play in your relationships

Why: Because relationships thrive with the support of community. We believe that having a space to openly and safely discuss and explore your love life will create more freedom, understanding, and play for you!

If this interests you, come to the intro night to find out more!

Marielle Amrhein is a queer counselor, social justice educator, and facilitator with 10 years of experience supporting individuals and groups in personal and social transformation. She currently works as a group leader for Interchange Counseling Institute, organizes safe spaces for LGBTQ youth through Global Kids, and advocates globally for queer human rights. Marielle is dedicated to inspiring people to love themselves and each other more boldly, beautifully, and powerfully.

Lani, CPCC is a certified life coach and founder of Social Studio Coaching, a relationship and dating coaching business. She is an explorer of alternative relationships and an avid social experimenter. She has been involved in the Bay Area queer community for over 10 years and has facilitated groups across the spectrum. Her work has included organizing queer women’s events with Center Women Presents at the SF LGBTQ center, collaborations with the Marin AIDS Project, and most recently facilitating workshops with the STOP AIDS Project. To learn more about Lani, check out her website at

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