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Updated on: Tuesday 05/25/2010, 5PM

Saengerrunde Hall

1607 San Jacinto Blvd. , Austin , TX, 78701 | Map

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Description: As early in 1852, German settlers in the Austin area had formed a singing group. On February 8, 1879, they officially organized as a singing society bearing the name "Saengerrunde". It is the oldest ethnic organization in Austin.

Scholz Garden, established in 1867 by a German immigrant named August Scholz, became a favorite meeting place for Saengerrunde members. The Scholz Garden property, owned by Lemp Brewery of St. Louis, included a hall and bowling alley. In 1904, the Saengerrunde Club signed a lease with Lemp Brewery for the use of the property. In 1908 the club purchased the property. The facility has continued to provide an atmosphere that allows our members to preserve and enjoy their German heritage.

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